Looking for things to do in Singapore over the weekend?

Things to do in Singapore over the weekend

​Leather Workshop with Upcycling as their focus


Cutting, hammering, chiselling and sewing.. crafting takes grit. And there’s no better way to hone your skills than with a good company of friends. Over the past weekend, we’ve hosted a bunch of rock-climbing mates who wanted to test their finger muscles and patience at our leather upcycling  pencil case workshop.


The leather used in this workshop were obtained from unutilised leather offcuts that often come in odd shapes and sizes. The finished products from this workshop are a result of hours of patient and meticulous crafting. Upcycling sounds more difficult than it seems, but here at Semicolon Works, we pledge to bring this movement to everyone, to learn about sustainability and socially conscious consumerism.

leather workshop with friends
things to do in Singapore

Through workshops, participants can get a hands-on experience with these premium offcuts, and spend hours perfecting their leather pouch. And the end result? A group of smiles after a fun session.

group photo of leather workshop
group photo of leather workshop

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