2015 – Celine and Eshton, two bright designers found themselves amidst mountains of discarded material. Instinctively, they picked it up, looked at it, studied it and realised that they were still in good condition. A certain solemnity for the waste came over them, but also an excitement for the possibilities of what could be done with this material.

They would spend the next couple of months thinking about how they could upcycle this material and which of the many types of material they would first work with. It was during this period over a casual cup of coffee, Celine mentioned what she and Eshton had been working on to a few friends. As casual conversations do, it became a working idea, then it became more than an idea – it became a mission to bring this sustainable upcycling message out to more people. This conversation became Semicolon Works.

Our Movement
Semicolon Works is about resource sustainability and socially conscious consumerism.

In producing the plethora of purchasing options, big industries waste vast amounts of resources. Resources which are being depleted, leaving a bleaker future.

We believe that through upcycling premium offcuts into fun, sleek yet functional everyday objects, people can learn something about sustainability, but also come to think about how they consume. They would realise that sustainable can be synonymous with premium quality. We hope that people create beautiful things for themselves, but also leave behind a beautiful world.

Behind the name
The Semicolon (;) is used to punctuate an unfinished idea with another – like the offcuts we upcycle. We extend life to it.

Works represents the physical labour that the people inbue into the material.

In totality, Semicolon Works is a reflection on the upcycling process. After all, what is a semicolon but an upcycled fullstop and comma?

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